All prices are in Australian $AUD

$425 /course + hosting

Complete course ecosystem creation, design and development with premium support and training.

  • One time setup fee per course

  • Complete course ecosystem creation

  • Course strategy sessions and resource review (5)

  • Design, development, and publishing

  • We match your branding

  • Technology setup and training

  • 3 months premium support and training

    • Video conferencing, email and chat**

**Additional Premium One-on-One Support and training if desired after 3 months included - $75 /hr. Email and Backstage Course (Ongoing online training) Included with hosting.

$180 Billed Annually

"We have found the majority of our customers have covered the costs of their investment and have also immediately turned a profit by selling access to their existing student database."


*As part of our included service we provide full email support (typical response within 24 hrs but can take up to 72 hrs) plus access to our bi-weekly online training and support class. If you would like event support we provide that service at an additional fee depending on the duration required.


**Optional premium integrations with other services may require additional setup costs and subscriptions through the service provider.


***If you need us to add additional Password Protected Frames (Single Videos or Playlists) +$50



  • Course Hosting

  • Unlimited Students

  • Unlimited Access for Students and Teachers

  • Support - Email and Backstage Course*

  • Course Keys (Control Access and Payments)

  • Course Rebel Student Tech Support - always.

  • Included Optional Premium Integrations**

    • Zoom Integration

    • Typeform (Feedback)

    • Connect PayPal Payment (+$150)

    • Protected Video Hosting
      (+$5 /mon JW Player Subscription) 

    • Protected Video Hosting plus Live Stream
      ​(+50 /mon JW Player Subscription)

$15 /month

$480 Billed Annually

$40 /month


Includes everything in Starter Hosting Plus:

  • Password Protected Live Streams

  • Password Protected Videos and Playlists***

  • Business Store with business domain

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General Answers

What does a Course look like?

Take a look at our demo here.

Do I own the rights to my course or does Rebel Studios/Course Rebel?

You own the rights to your course. There is nothing in our agreement requiring you to give your ideas to Rebel Studios or Course Rebel. If you plan to present your own course material somewhere else, there is certainly nothing in our agreement that would keep you from that engagement.

Can I update the content myself?

The answer is yes for the most part. At the heart of Course Rebels ethos is integrate and share. We have integrated some great options that allow you to update the majority of the changing content yourself. You can update your presentations, course information, textbooks, handouts, Live Streams, replays and more. This means you can use the resources you are already familiar with to maintain your course. The Course Rebel team does some pretty cool programming tricks to get create your course. So some core structural content will need to be added, edited or changed by us. We find this rarely needs to be done and is more of a once-in-a-while thing.

What is the course creation process? Can you tell me more about the steps and how it works?

The process starts with the payment of the one-time setup fee. We will include an agreement for you to review before you pay. We then set-up 3 consultations to collect and learn about your materials, set-up your technology and provide support/training. Once you have reviewed the course and give us the okay - we will publish the course.

What is Online Event Support (60 days)?

For the 60 days following the publishing of your course, we will provide any and all support for any online events you run on Course Rebel. This means we can meet with you beforehand and ensure everything is setup, you are comfortable and ready to rock it. We can also be available in the chat during the event to help with any technical issues that arise for you or your students. Please confirm your event ahead of time so we can arrange a support consultant.

What is the Course Rebel Student Tech Support (Always)?

We are always happy to support instructors and students using the Course Rebel platform. If you experience a technical problem using the website, an issue with a course or need help with anything just let us know.

Can I add more content to my Course?

Yes. You have the option of adding anything you want to your course. This means you can keep your course up to date and have your course (and resources) grow with you. Just let us know what additional integrations you would like and we will give you a quote.

What happens if I want to stop selling my course on Course Rebel?

If you choose to no longer sell your course on Course Rebel, you will not be required to pay the monthly fee. Don’t worry, students that have previously purchased your course will still retain access.

Do I get access to the student's data?

All student related data (Date, Email, Name, Location, Course and Purchase Price) will be provided by Course Rebel as part of the hosting service. Course Rebel will provide you access to your student data the moment the student access your course. Student data will be synced to your (Google) GSuite - this way you can access it anywhere through any browser. GSuite is highly integrative and gives you the flexibility to sync it with your own CRM/Database.