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Pricing Guide


So what do you charge?

We can provide an end to end service or, depending on your own skill set, we can create your launchpad together.  We’ll quote a setup fee plus+ an ongoing hosting/ support fee so we can consistently deliver an exceptional experience for your end users. Each launch pad is bespoke, with many factors - your budget, content, design and additional services -  influencing the projected cost.  Start by booking a free demonstration.

Demonstration (30mins) - $FREE


Keen? How to get started.

First we get you to take a step back and together we evaluate your initial vision with our industry experts. Then, with the new big picture in mind, we plan, create and budget your growth strategy.


Many of our clients prefer to start with some advice, someone to think creatively with so they can make an informed decision. This high-level strategy session allows us time to go over your vision, content, course, event, possibilities, probabilities and crazy ideas.


It’s the perfect way to get your toes wet and ultimately decide if you like what we do. No rules or restrictions, we deep-dive into your work, review where you are at, think tank everything and formulate the next step forward.

High Level Strategy Session (1hr) - $250

All prices are in Australia $AUD


Yeah…but ball park, what’s it going to cost?

Our service fee can range anywhere from $5000 to over $50,000. 


The top end of the scale might include high-level creative direction, intricate design for the ultimate user experience, custom designed content, filming and production, live streaming, custom distribution and more depending on your desired outcomes. 

All prices are in Australia $AUD


Ok, and what about the ongoing costs?

Once your launchpad is built, we provide hosting and support on Course Rebel ranging between $35 to $450 per month. Your monthly fee is determined by the number of launch pads, users and additional custom integrations you require. Custom white label platform fees differ for a variety of factors and will scoped out based on your needs and requirements. 

All prices are in Australia $AUD

We are not another “one size fits all” solution locking you into a default structure. We like to work with rebels who embrace innovation, want to share their work in the best possible way and don’t just aim to change the norm - but make their mark on it.


Ready? Have a question?

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