Our Back Story

Course Rebel was born as a direct result of my experience in the trenches as CEO of an international healthcare-course organisation. We managed tens of thousands of students, hundreds of instructors and created and taught a wide range of courses in 9 different languages. From managing course development, conferences, resources, websites, instructors, students, printing, shipping, distribution, IT, online education, registration, financials, royalties, updates, policies and procedures, staff, travel, technology, certification, products, services, Live streaming, forums, social media, textbooks, was a true logistical nightmare!


I knew there had to be a better way. I had gained a front row seat and developed a deep understanding of education, course creation and the management of all the processes.

This experience together with many years traveling the world live-streaming courses, interacting with students in person and observing the learning process from all perspectives allowed for the consolidation of this knowledge.

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Chris Veltheim BBus. (I)

Rebel Founder · Course Designer


I am a techie at heart with a love for blending technology and education. The terms serial entrepreneur, idea generator and jack of all trades describes me perfectly. I definitely don’t like to sit still and innovation & creativity runs through my veins. I live a very digital life and take advantage of everything technology can provide to stay connected and always up-to-date no matter where I am. This flows into my business endeavours and allows the clients I work with to benefit. Born into a family of educators with school teachers, specialists in disability and international lecturers. 

I understood that education is about sharing the knowledge, wisdom and experience found inside the mind of the teacher in a way that students can see, interact with and master. We teach so others can take our knowledge further without restrictions - however we need to equip them with a way to easily access it. 

There was simply no need to differentiate between in-person, online and live streaming.  A true learning platform should be designed to allow all styles of teaching to be delivered in one place. Combine these methods of delivery with the right mix of technology to streamline the management and you have... a new way. 


Course Rebel is the result of innovation with knowledge-sharing at its core - content, distribution and management as a whole. With our approach, individual instructors to large organisations can streamline their entire operation while increasing both their support of and engagement with their audiences.  And no wasted resources.

Rebelling against tradition and taking a fresh approach led to the creation of this amazing learning platform we aptly call Course Rebel.

Made in Brisbane, Australia.

Power human connection, no matter where or how you connect…in-person, online or hybrid.