Our Approach
What would happen in your classroom if we took the theory and concepts out of your course and put them online for the student to learn BEFORE they attend in person? Our approach is based on the idea that each delivery method (Online, In-Person and Streaming) in education has a specific purpose and that each method should be used for what it delivers best. Theory and concepts can easily be covered online instantly by students, this means they can immerse themselves in the information the moment they find the course. There is no need to waste precious in-person time covering countless hours of theory. The in-person time can be used for sharing key concepts, the experiential side of your content and spontaneous discussion. 
Let us show you...
Separate your course into theory (Online), lecturing (Streaming) and practical (In-Person). 

Why would you use a fork to eat soup?

Each teaching component allows for perfect delivery of different kinds of information. Use them for what they are best at. It makes sense.

Design and develop the online component of your course.

We create and design unmatched digital courses with everything technology has to offer. We help you reduce your printing, shipping, storing, distributing and handling costs while increasing access and your ability to keep your courses up to update. This is perfect for those who already have content or are starting from scratch.

Create accessible pricing.

Now that you have separated your course, you can price each component effectively. This allows you to create new passive revenue while reducing the financial burden on your students.

Start teaching while you sleep.

We are in the digital age, students want to access information straight away. Release your online component the moment it’s ready. Cultivate your students and build up a following. This way you will know who your students are, where they live and that they are ready to take your in-person component. 

Bring your theory to life, with Live Streaming.

No one knows your content like you do. Leverage your authenticity and engage your students from the comfort of your home or office with unlimited streaming. It’s candid, convenient and effective.

Answer questions with instant messaging.

The best way to gain deeper insight into anything is to ask questions. Online chat gives your students the chance to personalise their experience by asking questions. Add “online office hours” to best suit you and your students.

In-Person, choose wisely.

Knowing where your students are located means you can make an informed decision about the location of your next in-person event. We hope you or your facilitators are ready to spend the time with switched-on, educated students that are prepared to practice, discuss and reflect on the course.

Create a new revenue stream.

There is nothing like being there, but if you can’t this is the next best thing. Connect your classroom and go beyond the four walls of your in-person event with live streaming. Give your students the chance to tune-in, observe and become inspired to attend next time.

Stay connected

Keep your students active and wanting more with access to ‘you’ post-event through updates, streaming, chat and recordings. Your knowledgeable students will naturally interact and mentor new students that join your course.


Follow-up because you want to not because you have to. By this time, you get to cultivate your students rather than desperately convince them to ‘hang-in there’. The next step becomes a natural extension of their learning rather than a hard sell by you. 


Do this for every course you have or any new course you are thinking of teaching. It is an effective system for both the student and the instructor. Take part in the online movement, cultivate knowledgeable students and gauge demand for your in-person component. It is the perfect way to test your course ideas.

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