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Life just got way easier. We are a “build it for you” service to help you create, manage and grow your course.

Our Course Ecosystem transforms your knowledge into a beautifully designed, easy to use interactive HUB. It's a place for you to connect with your students, present your presentation, launch study groups and update your resources instantly. We build it for you based on decades of industry experience in education, design and technology!


Awwwwwwsome!! Im just so excited about the course this time because it is so much less work having it all up on the platform and not needing to draft complicated emails with links to videos and downloads of the pdfs... ❤ it's just so much nicer to just concentrate on the STUDENTS and I am getting them to deliver their homework LIVE in the Zoom room online as you suggested. 


Learn more about what we do. 

Our group training platform was purpose built for thought leaders who:

  • Know online education (self study) isn't working. Instead being present and human interaction creates value and the transference of knowledge.

  • Intuitively know learning transcends a 4 walled classroom or one-off event. So building a following with ongoing learning options is vital.

  • Love the idea of using technology to streamline, manage and grow their courses more effectively and efficiently with greater support.

  • Prefer a customised service to quickly and professionally build their unique group training course for them.

  • Understand spending their precious time teaching and supporting students is better than attempting to reinventing the wheel building and managing their own generic platform. 

"The moment I got off the strategy call I knew it was the route I was going to take and was the best decision and money investment I was going to make in a long time."

Danna Levy Hoffman - Founder of Organilious and Nutrifix

Retain Your Students

Effective pre and post course support builds loyalty and mastery of your work. Without it you will start to lose your students the minute your course or event ends. If your students master your work and stay engaged they will become your biggest advocates - word of mouth sales increase and you build a loyal following for future revenue streams.

You know what's fun? Seeing hard work pay off. AND teaching a class to a bunch of people in different time zones and countries. From your living room :) Thank you Course Rebel for helping us bring it all together and making it look so great!

Lynn and Ann Teachworth - Founders of Trunamics

Game-changing Resources (in the cloud)

Provide your students with secure access to a growing digital library with all your content (PPT’s, manuals, links, worksheets and handouts) in one place. It’s ridiculously easy to make instant changes and simultaneously update every student’s copy. Forget the time and money spent organising, printing, updating and distributing outdated resources manually. With a simply link and course key your Course Ecosystem (with everything) will be in your students hands instantly.

The one-stop-shopping for students of the seminar for follow up interaction is key to keeping the students engaged in learning via webinars and live streaming. They saved me time in trying to explain VOILA Method or sending information to attendees. Their caring for you and your product, and making sure you know how to use it by spend the time walking you through step-by-step on how to best use the site. Thank you very much.

Joel Crandall - Founder of Voila Method

Generate Additional Revenue Streams

Course Rebels allows you to monetise mini course extensions on popular content or live stream an entire weekend course for remote students. Take control of your course sales funnel and have your students next steps where they should be, inside your course.

The Tech was well executed, everything was intuitive and functioned perfectly, the technology also didn’t get in the way of the message. I understand how difficult it is to get the right platform and all that goes into making it run smoothly.

Lorena Haynes - CEO Haylo Education Solutions

Professional Support

Don’t get left behind. When you need a little help growing your weekend event into the modern day course marketplace, we are your people. We are course developers, course consultants, course designers, course engineers...some call us course gurus. Let us help you figure out the right combination to grow your weekend event, online program or conference.

It's like nothing else on the market. You’ve made a very challenging process, and breakdown of steps, so easy. You are showing up 300% of the time. It makes this so exciting and so good to be able to bounce things off you and brainstorm. You are all ridiculously talented and experienced with education it’s awesome.

Justin Furness - Founder of LifePrint

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