Our pricing is simple.

We charge a one-time fee to create your course. Then you only pay $20 per student for unlimited access to your course (minimum of 10 students per year).


Per Course



Per Student


2. Student Access

1. Course Creation

We create you a customised course to match your existing content, style & branding.


Course with Preview

Up to 15 Course Frames

Up to 10 Preview Frames

Up to 5 Store Frames

Live Stream Setup and Testing

Online Training Session

Google Analytics

30 Day Warranty

Customise it as much as you like with add on’s.

All your course hosting needs are taken care of and your students receive unlimited access to your content.


Unlimited Access

Unlimited Live Streaming

Unlimited Playbacks

Unlimited Chat

Student Contact Database

Course Keys and Discounts

Personalised Course Store Page

New Student Email Automation

Flexible Payment*

Course Key

*We can take payment or you can take payment (and use Course Keys). See FAQ below for more information.


Minimum purchase of 10 Students per year.


Add On’s

Want a little more? The possibilities are endless.

Add or edit frames starting at $10.

Live Stream Consultant.

Need more than just setup and testing? We
can provide help with Live Streaming events or technical questions. Hire us.

Make My Resources Look Great.

Hire us to clean up your documents, textbooks and powerpoints. We love making things look amazing, let us help you.

Making Edits, Updates and Changes.

We provide a 30 day content package to ensure your content is accurate. Future changes to the course content start at only $10

Custom Frame Functionality.

We can help you design custom frames for just about anything. We can create a customised package based on your needs.

Custom Email Automation

Want to add personal email automation to your courses for your students? We can help. Promote your other courses, products and more.


We can help you make the course you always wanted. 

Meet with us to discuss your ideas and get a free quote.

Handcrafted Pricing



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What is a Frame?

Our courses are made up of frames, which are stacked together to create the ‘story’ of your course. They are kinda like slides in a powerpoint presentation but cooler because they are stacked and can do way more. Check out our “Learn to use Course Rebel” Course to see what we mean….each piece of content is a frame. You will notice the frame number on the bottom right of the screen. Frames contain all kinds of interactive content like images, videos, audio, PDF’s, text, games and more.

Do I own the rights to my course or does Rebel Studios/Course Rebel?

You own the rights to your course. There is nothing in our agreement requiring you to give your ideas to Rebel Studios or Course Rebel. If you plan to present your own course material somewhere else, there is certainly nothing in our release that would keep you from that engagement.

It says that either you (Course Rebel) or I can take payment for the sale of my courses. Can you explain more?

At Course Rebel we offer you the option of taking payment for the sale of your course. This means you retain control, receive your money immediately, and don’t have to change anything with your registration process. Once your student has paid you, you will give them a Course Key. Course Rebel will provide you with the “course key(s)” that you can pre-purchase at the per student price. This Course Key can be used by the student to unlock the course (this course key is a code, that is entered into the Course Rebel website just like a coupon and is specifically designed to access your course only). This is a great option for those of you who already have your registration process set up and running smoothly, if you have pre-requisites to your courses, special pricing and/or if your course is well established.

If you would rather Course Rebel take payment for you, no worries! You choose the price and the student can register, pay and access your course straight away. We distribute payments on the 1st - 5th of every month for your course sales from the previous month. This is beneficial if your course is new and you don’t have a payment process established or you simply want less accounting! We charge the same per student fee (+ any processing fee).

It says I have to purchase a minimum of 10 students per year, when and how do I purchase them?

This will occur one of two ways depending on whether you take payment or Course Rebel takes payment.

If you are taking your own payments, then your students will access your course on Course Rebel using a course key that you have pre-purchased from Course Rebel. We require you to meet the minimum of 10 students per year by purchasing a minimum of 10 course keys before your course can be published on Course Rebel. These 10 Course Keys can be used for the first 10 students who pay you each year for your course.

If Course Rebel is taking payment, then upon each anniversary of the launch of your awesome course, if you have not met the minimum of 10 students/sales, then Course Rebel will charge you the per student price for the 10 students or the difference (Pro rata) if you have made some sales.

What happens if I want to stop selling my course on Course Rebel?

If you choose to no longer sell your course on Course Rebel, you will not be required to pay the minimum 10 students per year. Don’t worry, students that have previously purchased your course will still retain access.

Is the per student fee a one-time fee?

Yes, the per student fee is a one-time fee to access your course - that’s it. So for each student who accesses your course you pay a one-time per student access fee and they can access the course as many times as they want - for the life of the course.

It says there is a one time course creation fee. Who creates the course?

We create, design and publish your course to match our Course Rebel style! All you have to do is get us your content and ensure you have the correct accounts to integrate your great resources (E.g. video conferencing, presentations, Live Stream etc). We help point you in the right direction and provide training along the way.

Can I update the content on the frames myself?

The answer is yes and no! At the heart of Course Rebels ethos is share and integrate. The Course Rebel team does some pretty cool programming tricks to get create your course. So some frames will need to be added, edited or changed by us. But the good news is - we have integrated some great options that allow you to update most of the changing content yourself. You can update your presentations, course information, Live Streaming and replays + more. This means you can use the resources you are already familiar with to maintain your course.

What is the course creation process? Can you tell me more about the steps and how it works?

1. Payment

We will send you an invoice for the course set-up fee. Once you pay we get started. The invoice will include a link to our agreement in the Terms and Conditions section of the invoice for you to review prior to agreeing. This is a “read only” version so you can familiarise yourself with the agreement. If you have any issues or if you need clarification - let us know.


2. Agreement

Once you have “reviewed” the agreement and paid the invoice (sent via email) - we will send you the official agreement to sign electronically.


3. Content and Course Creation

Once the agreement and invoice are complete, we will then have you complete the Course Submission Form. This will allow you to share your content with us - plus provide us with your key information about your course so we can customise it.


4. Training and Set-up

We will set up a meeting and go over the set-up for your course. This will allow us to link your Presentation, link your Accounts for live stream, video conferencing and surveys, etc. We will provide some coaching on how to use Live Stream and update some of the frames of your course.


5. Review and Publishing

Once the course is finalised and approved by you - we will then publish it.

What is the 30 Day Warranty?

When we create your course we take all of your content and put it into frames and get it up online for you. We will ensure your course is working just right and fix any issues with links or integrated resources free of charge for 30 Days after launch.

Can I add more frames to the Customised Course?

Yes we have the option of adding anything you want to your course. This means you can keep your course up to date and have your course (and resources) grow with you. Additional frame start at $10 per frame.

If you take registration and payment for my course, do I get access to the student's email?

All student related data (Date, Email, Name, Location, Course and Purchase Price) will be provided by Course Rebel as part of the hosting service. Course Rebel will provide you access to your student data the moment the student pays. Student data will be synced to your very own Google Spreadsheet - this way you can access it anywhere through any browser. Google Sheets is highly integrative and gives you the flexibility to sync it with your own CRM/Database.

Have any questions about what we can do for you?