A mentoring ecosystem that provides one place for users to digitally connect with you, each other and EVERYTHING coaching related. Create instant pop-up meetings, add resources, post updates and chat live - all inside of your course. Become a digital Boss.

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We have carefully integrated the best digital technology for Coaches to organise course content, reduce layers of complexity and move away from piecemealing technology. We set it all up for you, so you don’t have to!

Integration - Say goodbye to extra admin.

Accumulate - Create yourself a valuable asset.

Managing resources can often be a big headache. Printing, distributing, stocking, protecting, updating, designing. We give you a cloud-based solution to distribute a professionally designed, standardised resource. It’s a digital textbook, an interactive classroom, an instructor teaching tool, a video library, an instant meeting room and more - all inside of your course. Effortless, streamlined and beautiful.

Delivery - Build a following.

Nowadays you are no longer restricted by how you deliver your knowledge. Our integration of live video allows you to run instant pop-up meetings so you can support your followers as much or as little as you need. At Course Rebel this can all be achieved from within your course. So you and your students STILL only come to ONE place for everything you offer.

Interaction - Go digital and retain humanness.

Our focus is to enhance interaction with users and bring human connection into the online experience in a time- and cost-effective way. The real power of using the online environment to interact, share courses and reach people cheaply and easily has not been realised - until now.